Emily reads to Thomas 002

Emily reads to her son.

Ferb's family
A very good Father

Ferb watches over Lizzie tenderly while Emily looks on.

Lissa's pics 006

Emily feeding her baby son Thomas.

Emily Fletcher


26 or 27




No information



Hair color:

Golden Blonde

Eye color:

Navy blue

Family and Friends:

Ferb Fletcher (spouse) Thomas Fletcher (son) David Fletcher (son)Elizabeth "lizzie" Fletcher (daughter) Phineas Flynn (Brother-in-law) Isabella Flynn(sister-in-law) Julia Flynn (neice) Candace Johnson (sister-in-law) Jeremy Johnson (brother-in-law) Xavier Johnson (nephew) Amanda Johnson (neice) Fred Johnson (nephew)

Emily Fletcher is the future wife of Ferb Fletcher in the upcoming story Phineas and Ferb: A New Beginning. In this story, Emily gets married to her long love interest Ferb Fletcher. She soon has three children named Thomas Fletcher, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fletcher, and David Fletcher. Before the children are born, Ferb decides to move to England to be closer to Emily's father and so he can be close to Lana and his mother. Also, Ferb got a job at Camp David working for the President of the United States. Emily is pregnant with Lizzie when they move, and she has her in England. And she is pregnant with David when Elisabeth is almost two. Emily has him in England.. Finally, five years later, Emily has her youngest child, Thomas. When the family takes their monthly trip to Danville, unexpectedly, Emily has him there.

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