Angela Flynn Elizabeth Garcia she is the twing of Madison Flynn Garcia while not look like much, her older brother is Jake Flynn Garcia her parents Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro


She has a creative mind to it is that happens they will do so using the slogan of his father-Ferb I know what will gonna do today-but modified-I know what we will do today, she donn't use the slogan -Hey where's Perry-because her pet is called Katy clear is a platypus, the truth is that she does not care much for Katy that's the only thing that looks like his dad since he was not like to build, calculate etc. but not as sweet as his mother was a child and also hates the name that her mama gave her Elizabeth ,preferred name given by his father Angela


She looks like her mom but her hair is orange like that of his aunt Candace Flynn her hair is a little weird because you have two opposite loops and everything else is straight this hair was a mix of mother and grandmother, wears a pink dress with belts a light shade of purple grapes and a grape purple ribbon style is very similar to her mother even though she believes that her mother is ridiculous dressed as a child, Winter style is a long pink suerter with grape purple belts and white trousers and clear your grape purple ribbon clear that when leaving the house puts on a purple grape Chamara and a purple hat with bow , your swimsuit is a piece of pink , her pajamas is a blouse with a plunging neckline in blue that reveals a white part and a blue chord. Angela Growing stop using the bow but not that style of tenage  colors is a long blouse with neckline pink-trimmed purple grapes and a white skirt, winter style is a normal sweater with pink white pants with a purple grape contiron, your bathing suit two piece and is more elaborate and is blue with black with a white sarong, her pajamas will be equal. When either adult used a long blouse with neckline pink and white trousers and letting her hair down like everything else will follow.


Phineas Flynn

She adores her father as any child could be said that he likes more than his mother

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Her mother could perhaps be extrict  her because she is the one with the crazy ideas and maybe Angela's treated like a bitter person without considerate Isabella also took part in most projects Phineas

Jake Flynn Garcia

Angela and Jake always discuss any thing either to invent or take a decitions but there are times when not fighting but are rarely

Madison Flynn Garcia

Angela gets along very well with his sister he treated like his younger sister maybe that was born after she


Angela loves her pet Katy that resulted from the platypus of his father (Perry) and his mother (Phyllian)

Paula Stoner

Paula is Angela's best friend so you have the same tastes, she is always in the house of the Flynn-Garcia

Sonia Stoner

She is the mother of Paula so Angela has a strong relationship with her

Ferb Fletcher

Angela rarely talks with his uncle perhaps because it does not say much haci not hold a relationship


Sabrina always speaks with Angela on the days when she was his mother and girls

Mariela Fletcher

Angela and Mariela get along good has to do as they are half raw though they have different tastes, Angela prefers to imagine creating and Mariela prefer to build and calculate

Candace Flynn

Angela conciderates to his aunt Candace like a crazy person so you do not love family travel go

Jeremy Johnson

She has a very strong relationship with his uncle Jeremy perhaps because his sister Suzy, Angela reminds Candace

Amanda Johnson Flynn

Angela conciderate, Amanda feminist girl is always talking about the guy who likes

Xavier Johnson Flynn

It is with the cousin who gets along well in most family travel

Fred Johnson Flynn

Angela conciderate her cousin Fred like  he does not think for yourself is always behind his brother Xavier

Destiny Anette

Destiny is the best friend of Xavier and is in love with he so ever should ask Angela to do to he fall in love of she beause  she spends more time with he

Daniel Mendler

Is her best friend but he likes Angela but she does not notice is so clueless as his father

Steven Thomas

She attempts to make he love her sister because she likes but he not, so would like to see her sister marries with he

Paulina *Pau* Mendler Flynn

It is the future daughter of Angela and Daniel, she is desperate to see the things that made her daughter even they are similar

Alice Mendler Flynn

Let's say she is the daughter and that Agela exemplary preferred mode of desert as though Pau make it angry always going to want her

Bradley Thomas Flynn

It is his nephew and he loves him and tells him she simpre dreamed of the day to see his sister married to Steven

Melissa Sofia Flynn Stoner

Angela has fun with her niece Melissa because in his thought is identical to Paula but did not expect that his best friend and her brother marry

Jacob Flynn Stoner

She believes that it is identical to his brother but does not argue with her sister Melissa

Elizabeth Angela Flynn Garcia created by Mary Torres and Shelby Garcia  Deviantart ShelbyArt19

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