Baljeet introduces Phineas and Ferb to a campaign game called JourneyQuest, when Phineas grows bored with it, he decides to combine the game with virtual reality technology. Phineas, Ferb and friends get transported to a virtual reality version of JourneyQuest. Unfortunatly, Candace follows them and and ends up being kidnapped by an evil sorcerer to become his apprentice. Meanwhile, Perry tries to stop Doofenshmirtz from destroying videogames to "avenge the honor of boardgames".

Character Roles

Phineas (Knight)- as a knight Phineas wields a small sword and shield, the shield's emblem resembles Phineas' head.

Ferb (Ninja)- A frequent running gag through this episode is the fact that a Ferb's character doesn't belong in the setting the game takes place, as a ninja Ferb increases in speed and agility.

Isabella (Thief)- as a thief Isabella wields an arsenal of throwing stars resembling her bow.

Baljeet (Wizard)- as a wizard Baljeet has magical abilities, however they can backfire when Baljeet is in periods of stress.

Buford (Viking)- as a viking Buford wields a powerful club, his helmet's emblem resembles the skull on Buford's shirt.

Candace (Witch)- as a witch Candace has magical abilities, among them she is able to cause a destructive explosion whenever she's angry.

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