Dory the Shih Tzu
[[File:Dory the Shih tzu|200px]]
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Nationality: Shih Tzu
Born: N/A
Created: {{{created}}}
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:

Dory the Shih Tzu or Agent D works by Major Monogram's division along with Perry. Her nemesis is the young Dr. Green. Her cover up family are the Flynn-Fletchers, where she was ordered to guard Perry.


  • Garapata Gun- Given to her by the Organized Canine Bureau Philippine Unit. Traditionally used by the operatives of the OCB but she was given one anyway.
  • Aero-Her customized hover board
  • Ultimate Swiss Knife- A Swiss Knife that has lots of equipment.
  • J.J.- Jet Jackal, a mini helicopter given to her by the OCB
  • Comb saber- A sword disguised as a, well, comb.
  • G500 Exo-Suit- An exo-suit that makes her faster and stronger.
  • Gary the Robotic Flea- Her tiny-tech flea-bot that is mounted in her cellphone launcher. Gary can control the phone and turn it into a tiny, robotic car


  • Gary the Robotic Flea
  • Bobcat

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