"Doofenshmirtz Making Some New Inventions" is a TV show based on the show, "Phineas And Ferb".


1. "The Do-Nothing-Inator!"

Doofenshmirtz enters the "Most Complex Robot Competition" and being himself he makes a robot that seems so complicated, but really doesn't do anything at all! Phineas and Ferb also enter the competition and make a robot dog that seems like just a toy, but can do just about everything! So Phineas and Ferb, of course, wins. Meanwhile, Candace is accidentally locked in the shower.

2. "The Remind-Inator!"

Doofenshmirtz has to remind himself to trap Perry the Platypus, but he forgets. So the next day, he makes a Remind-Inator to help him remind things, but the way the robot is built means that it follows Doofenshmirtz every second of the day, constantly reminding him to do stuff! Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb makes it snow in the middle of summer, but the snowflakes are huge and one crushes Candace!

3. "The ABCDEFG-Inator!"

A spelling bee is organized in the Tri-State Area, so Doofenshmirtz installs his old Remind-Inator with a special update for helping him learn words! But even though the new "ABC-Inator" is doing fine, it can't stop spelling easy words wrong! Meanwhile, Candace tries to get Phineas back for last episode's incident by making sure Phineas is unlucky. But then Ferb shares some of his luck with Phineas!

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