This season of Disney's Perry the Platypus (Agent P) contains of shorts that are about 6 mintues long. This season focuses on Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz actually being best friends and it takes place after the series' finale


The Scariest Movie (Shorty One)

The duo gets tickets at the PF Theaters for the new movie, "Screaming Horrors of Death" in 3-D. As the movie began, the 3-D effects were so stunning. Maybe a bit too stunning. As it turns out, the Ghosts, Gouls, Goblins, and others from the movie were gonna invade Danville. This episode is for Halloween.

Find the Summer Bunny! (Shorty Two)

The annual Summer Bunny Hunt is in Danville this week and the Mayor is hosting it and winners will get a grand prize. So the duo tries to find the Summer Bunny because if they find it and bring it to the Mayor, they'll win $100,000,000! This episode is for Easter.

Leprechaun Party! - (Shorty 3)

The duo celebrates St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. This shorty is for St. Patrick's Day.

Go Green


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