Disney XD confirmed a second season of Disney's Perry the Platypus (Agent P) containing 52 episodes. This season has a theme - a theme where it has various characters, places, objects, etc. to parody something like Cookies n' Cream Inc. is a parody to Dippin' Dots. Unlike the other 2 seasons, all episodes are full segments (only 1 segments).


Aired Episodes

Confirmed Episodes

  • Cookies n' Cream! (Episode 34) (Parody of famous Ice Cream companies) (First appearance of Larry)
  • Earthquake Hot Cereal (Episode 35) (parody of Quakers Oatmeal)
  • Strong Warrior (Episode 36) (parody of Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame [Disney])
  • SSPA of Club Aves (Episode 37) (parody of the PSA + EPF of Club Penguin)
  • Kingdom Souls (Episode 38) (parody of Kingdom Hearts) (Note: Larry appears at the very beginning but is absent in the rest of the episode)
  • The Lump (Episode 39) (parody of The Blob)
  • The Abandoned Windmill (Episode 40) (based of The Old Mill with a special dark version of April Showers [different than the one in World of Color] and other Disney songs that include rain)
  • A Mermaid's Wish (Episode 41) (parody of The Little Mermaid)
  • Larry and Jerry Moves In! (Episode 42) (parody of the Hannah Montanna episode, The Wheel Near My Bed)

Preview Summaries

Strong Warrior

Strong Warrior is to take place in a vivid technologic extravaganza called New Hong Kong. 7 songs are to be in the story with 3 names revealed.

The Abandoned Windmill

The Abandoned Windmill takes place when Perry is to save an abandoned windmill from a spiritual dark thunderstorm. The whole episode is 30 minutes (commercial free) and will contain 5 songs.

A Mermaid's Wish

A Mermaid's Wish is to be based off of The Little Mermaid 1989 film and The Little Mermaid 2007 Broadway musical. It is a one hour (commercial free) special with 18 songs.



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