Isabella: That was fun!

Phineas: Yeah... wait, where's Brandon *eyes widen hugely* THE DIMENSION CREATIFOR!

*at the dimension whateverfier*

Ferb: Are you sure we should be rewiring this?

Crystal: Yeah

Brandon evil clone (explained later) eerie voice: Oh yeeeeeeeeeees.......heheheheeh *pushes a button and everything turns pink, evaporates, and we end up in dimension 44*

Phineas: Oh no..........not this place AGAIN

Evil Brandon: YES! home at last, now to destroy them

Crystal: What? Who?

At Perry the evil platypus HQ:

Agent D: Doctor Perry, you will never get away with this!

*Chatters from Doctor Perry*

*The 2 fight* *At Phineas*

Isabella: What? You been to this place?

Phineas: Yes, Brandon accidentally sent us here. He got us back, but a evil clone spawned. He almost KILLED us, and here he has a entire army of robots and lasers *4 flying robots come and shoot lasers*

Phineas: RUN

At Brandon:

Evil clone of Brandon: HEHHEE *gets a laser out of pocket and shoots Ferb sending him down a cliff to Phineas*


Phineas and Isabella: FERB!

Ferb: Brandon's evil clone is back. Crystal is trapped with him up there

Phineas: Isabella get Crystal, I think I know where the real Brandon is! *runs off*

Isabella: *sigh* Why do I always have to save that girl

  • Ferb crawling to a tree*
  • Isabella gets up the hill*

Evil Brandon: Hehe, a Fireside Girl *facepalms in ironony* AND A NORMAL GIRL


Evil Brandon: I remember you! AAAAAAAH *runs down the hill and falls down*

  • Isabella slides down with Crystal*

Isabella: Well, that was easy. Rescued Crystal, and he broke a leg so he can't run away -- wait, where's the GOOD Brandon *in home dimension*

Brandon: PHINEAS, FERB, ISABELLA, CRYSTAL! WHERE IS EVERYONE *evil version of them show up*

*Phineas kicks him in leg, Ferb pushes him down, and Crystal and Isabella hit him with sticks*

Brandon: Dimension 44 again, I GOTTA GET IN THERE *knocks everyone down and runs towards the dimension whateverfier* *in dimension 44*

Isabella: *sees Phineas coming back*

Phineas: Where's the evil Brandon

Isabella: Right there, he broke his leg

Phineas: Oh noooooo....................

Isabella: ?

Phineas: Whatever happens to him, happens to the real Brandon x5 in pain

Crystal: Oh no.....*gulps*

*Everyone falls down*

Phineas: This is good, Brandon must be getting close to the whatever we called it, and our evil clones got to our dimension

*Brandon falls on his clone from the sky*

Phineas: Yes!

Brandon (good): YOU! *kicks Brandon (evil) into a tree*

Brandon (evil): You again, now that we're in the same dimension, we're evenly matched! *tries to kick good clones head off*

Brandon (good): *dodge* *then punches his evil clone down*

Brandon: Crystal, Isabella, try to find your way to the mall, his HQ is underground there, blow it up. Find his machines, we get home, he has a opposite of EVERYTHING we ever made, and I made a "dimension destroy-inator" so we can use his version to get home

*Isabella and crystal go to find it*

Brandon (evil): OH NO! ROBOTS HANDLE THESE CRETINS I GOTTA STOP THOSE 2! *runs off to stop them*

End of Part 1:

PS. Brandon (evil) looks like Phineas from One Scare Ought To Do Some Good, but his hair is redder, more mad scientist gear, and he isn't a triangle head (no offense to Phineas).

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