(All DecaWitches pop in, except for JoJo, who rolls in)

Everyone: HEEEEY!!!

Number 1: One!

(Number 2 holds up two fingers)

Number 3: Three!

(Number 4 holds up four fingers)

Number 5: Five!

Number 6: Six!

Number 7: Seven!

Number 8: Eight!

Number 9: Nine!

JoJo: And Ten!

Everyone: And we're the DecaWitches!

Number 1: Bada bing!

Number 6: And welcome to our lovely Q&A, designed by me!

Number 5: Don't take all the credit, Six!

Number 7: We don't have time for arguments.

Number 6: OK, OK, fine, designed by us. Happy, Five?

JoJo: Shut it, the both of you. I gotta agree with Seven on this one, we do not have time for arguments.

Number 1: OK, OK, I'll finish this, if you gots any questions...

Number 3: About us witches, about the stories, about the whatever...

Number 5: Then throw yourself over to that handy little talk page over there...

Number 6: Provided for your convienence

Number 7: And we'll answer them ASA-flippin'-P!

Number 8: (In a low, fast voice) Brought to you by The Witch Saga.

Number 9: And if you gots any other questions for one of our other fantabulous witches and/or wizards...

JoJo: Ask those, too, and we'll be sure to drag them in to answer them!

Everyone: So start with those question marks!


Number 6: Ooh, looky here, we've scored ourselves a question.

Number 7: It says: How many DecaWitches are there?

Number 8: Sent to us by Emilylover224!

(Number 2 beams)

Number 3: Emilylover, I think you've scored yourself a new fan!

(Number 4 puts a fist over her mouth, as if to say "Ahem!")

Number 5: Make that two.

Number 1: Any-which, there are ten of us.

Number 3: Fun fact, the prefix "Deca-" partially comes from the Greek prefix deka-...

Number 5: Which is a form of déka ...

Number 6: And the Latin word decem!

Number 7: Both mean ten!

Number 8: Kinda makes sense, if you think about it.

Number 9: Hey, Two, wouldn't DecaWitches literally mean "ten witches"?

(Number 2 nods.)

JoJo: Well, there you have it folks! Ten witches! A true fact, considering our legion contains ten witches.

Number 9: Quit with the oxymorons.

Number 5: Hope that answers your question Emilylover224!


Number 1: (Starts singing.) When you leave, my colors fade to gray. Numa numa yay...

(Music starts)

Everyone: (Sings along with her) NUMA NUMA NUMA YAY!

Number 1: Every word of of love I used to say. Now I paint them...

Everyone: ... EVERYDAY!

Number 1:  When you leave, my colors turn to gray. Oh little lover stay...


Number 1: Every word of love I used to say. Now I paint them...

Everyone: ... EVERYDAY!

(Music suddenly stops, everyone stops singing)

JoJo: Yeah, we're bored.


Number 6: Bloody sweetness, we've scored ourselves another question!

Number 3: Also from Emilylover224

(Number 2 beams)

Number 5: And it says, well first off, she likes the song.

Number 1: Glad you like it, in case you've never heard of it before, it's called Numa Numa Yay, sung by O-Zone.

Number 8: Love that name. Get it, ozone?

Number 7: (Rolls eyes) And it asks, are you evil all the time? I'm gonna assume that's referring to JoJo, unless someone else has been evil lately... (Scans room)

Number 3: Nope.

JoJo: Anyways, yes I'm evil all the time! Heck, it's only my life!

Number 9: (Mumbling) And that's why it should be destroyed.

Number 8: Be good.

Number 3: Any-who-ness, hope that answers your question Emilylover!


JoJo: Gak! I'm bored!

Number 1: You ain't the only one, honey.

JoJo: Someone ask a question already!

Number 1: Wanna sing another song?

Number 3: No way, sister!

(JoJo glares at her)

Number 3: (Points at Number 2) That was her speaking, I swear!


Number 6: More questions!

Everyone: YAY!!!

Number 1: OK, this first one's from RayaQuest...

Number 6: Who's name is impossible to spell...

Number 9: And it asks, Are you all girls?

JoJo: (Sarcastically) NO, we're packages of peanuts!

Number 9: Quit it with the sarcasm!

Number 7: Yes, in fact, we all are of the female gender.

Number 6: This next one's also from the User With A Name That's Impossible To Spell...

Number 5: (Rolls eyes) Otherwise known as RayaQuest...

Number 6: Whose name is impossible to spell

Number 5: Would you quit it?!

Number 3: Oh, for the love of, I'll finish it. It asks, are their names behind the numbers?

Number 1: The answer is, yes.

Number 3: We are all named Joanna Jones Parkson...

Number 5: And nicknamed JoJo.

Number 6: The numbering system was for simplicity.

Number 7: RayaQuest has one more question...

JoJo: Anyone else notice that the user name RayaQuest has no number in it?

Number 9: (Sarcastically)  No, really, smart one!

JoJo: You know that whole "sarcasm" thing? You can't really pull that off.

Number 6: It's "street", Ten.

JoJo: Does it matter?

Number 6: According to the PaF ep "At the Car Wash", it does.

JoJo: I can change it.

Number 1: Forget plagiarism-

Number 3: PLAGIARISM?! How'd THAT get in here?

Number 7: While we're on the subject...

Number 6: Plagiarism. Bad. Don't do it.

Number 1: Anyways, the question is, Why does JoJo no longer have her powers?

JoJo: Yay, it's all about me.

Number 9: No, it ain't.

JoJo: It is. Anyways-

Number 9: It's not about you.

JoJo: Would you shut up?

Number 8: Nine, be mature.

JoJo: Anyways, if you check out The Witch Saga, you'll notice that One states that our Home was invaded.

Number 1: If you haven't, it's in Part 2.

Number 3: Word to the wise, read Part 1 first. It'll help the story make sense.

JoJo: Anyways, all the witches and wizards were captured, except me, because I attempted self-defense.

Number 9: Key word- Attempted.

Number 8: Be mature.

JoJo: Anyways, they tried to capture me, but I escaped and landed on Earth. In Danville, in fact.

Number 9: (Sarcastically) No, really.

JoJo: Shut it. Anyways, I didn't realize until too late that the goons who took my Home, also took my powers. By that point, I was stuck.

Number 3: Well, hope that answered all of your questions, RayaQuest!


Number 7: What is it?

Number 6: Another question!

Number 5: It's from AgentGoldfish.

Number 8: GOLDFISH?

Number 7: (Sarcastically) NO, AgentSoccerball!

Number 9: Anyways, it asks, JoJo, since you're evil, are you an evil twin of someone?

JoJo: Define.

Number 9: Well, according to this mythologist...

JoJo: There's nothing wrong with mythology!

Number 9: Let me finish. Everyone has an evil twin. Are you one of those said twins, JoJo?

JoJo: You already know the answer to that one.

Number 9: NO, for AgentGoldfish, you idiot!

JoJo: OK.

Number 1. This was going to come out someday.

JoJo: OK. before I was born, Nine screwed up.

Number 9: HEY!

Number 1: You're not going to blame me? Sweetness, thanks!

JoJo: Anyways, I turned evil because of that. But in the technicality, I am still a "good witch".

Number 1: However, she DOES HAVE an evil twin.

Number 3: In fact, we all do.

Number 5: We call them the Negatives.

Number 6: They're the complete opposite of us!

Number 7: Believe it or not, THEY'RE the real bad guys.

Number 8: (Points at JoJo) Not her.

Number 9: WHAT! WHY NOT?

JoJo: Anyways, hope that answers your question, AgentGoldfish.

Number 6: Whose name is easy to spell.

Number 5: Shut it.


Number 6: More questions?!

Number 7: But, we didn't even get the chance to do a cute thing to try to get people to ask questions!

JoJo: Forget that. We'll do something cute next time.

Number 9: Meaning that-

(Number 9 gets cut off by Number 7, who covers her mouth with duct tape)

Number 8: SEVEN!

JoJo: Thanks, babe. The last thing I needed was her mouth without an off switch.

Number 9: (Pulls duct tape off) My mouth'll never have an off switch. NEVER NEVER NEVER!

Number 6: Forget off switches, we're answering questions.

Number 7: We were?

Number 8: (Sarcastically) No, really, smart one!

Number 6: Quiet, the both of you. Anyways, this one's from RayaQuest, also known as the User With A Very Hard Name To Spell and User Who Always Forgets To Log In.

Number 7: And she wants to know why we all have the same name.

(Silence. Crickets chirp.)

Number 7: Eight, stop it! This is not the time for your absurd crickets to be chirping!

(Long silence)

JoJo: Rule #1- Never ask that question again.

Number 1: Seriously, people, don't.

Number 3: It's a touchy subject.

Number 8: Moving on!

Number 7: OK, RayaQuest also wants to know why her user name is so hard to spell

(Everyone turns to Number 6)

Number 6: It is! It has too many "A's"! It needs less "A's"! Everybody knows that that's my least favorite letter of the alphabet!

Number 5: Since when?

Number 6: Since two seconds ago!

JoJo: (Rolls eyes) Anyways, RayaQuest also wants to know if I'm ever going to get my powers back. Four?

(Number 4 shakes her head. Everyone groans.)

JoJo: You know what I hate? When people don't tell me anything!

Number 1: So, as of right now, Raya- can I call you Raya? It's so much easier- as of right now, we do not know.

Number 6: Alright, we do have one more question.

JoJo: Let me guess, it's from RayaQuest.

Number 9: It can't RayaQuest doesn't send any more than three questions at a time, remember?

Number 6: I kinda hafta not butt in. It's an unsigned question. Hold on, let me check the history... (Checks history on my talk page) It is from an unregistered contributor that is not RayaQuest.

(Number 9 sticks her tongue out at JoJo)

JoJo: How do you know?

Number 6: The IP address is different than RayaQuest's.

JoJo: And how would you know that?

Number 6: Because RayaQuest forgot to log in- twice!

Number 7: Anyway, Mr. Unregistered Contributor asks, In the Q&A JoJo talks, and in the stories she doesn't. What's up with that?

JoJo: Yeah, I do talk a lot, don't I?

Number 3: Anyways, you know how lovely little Number 2 here doesn't talk? (Gestures towards Number 2)

Number 1: Well, the thing is, she was nice and generous...

Number 9: Unlike some people we know...

Number 8: Be nice..

Number 5: She was nice and generous and let JoJo have her voice...

Number 6: Since she was going crazy because she had so much to say!

(Number 4 glares at them all)

JoJo: What?


Number 6: Sheeczit, what's with all of these questions all of a sudden?

Number 1: Want me to play the firefly song while we answer them?

Number 6: Sure, why not?

(Number 1 pulls out all-purpose cell and plays the song "Fireflies" by Owl City)

Number 7: Anyways, this one's from RayaQuest...

(Before Number 6 can say anything, Number 5 covers her mouth with her hands. Number 6 struggles to break free.)

Number 1: O-k. And it asks, Number 6, I've heard that your least favorite letter is "A". What's your favorite?


Number 3: (To Number 5, who still has her hands over Number 6's mouth) You do realize that you're gonna have to let her go?

Number 6: (Pulls herself free) Who's name is difficult to spell.

Number 1: OK, first off, that was a little late.

JoJo:  A little?

Number 5: And second off, that's getting old.

Number 6: OK, OK, fine, I'll stop. Anyways, my favorite letter of the alphabet is... "X"

JoJo: "X"?

Number 6: That's what I said.

Number 5: Since when?

Number 6: (Rolls eyes) Since always.

Number 1: OK, that's immature.

JoJo: Moving on.

Number 6: Question #2 from RayaQuest, did you like the Christmas special?

Number 9: In order?

JoJo: What do you think?\

Number 6: Note- Contains SPOILERS. Skip to the next section if you don't feel like catching it on YouTube.

Number 1: OK, yes, I did like it, mainly because of the many songs. Olivia Olsen (who voices Vanessa, BTW) is such a good singer! I'm so glad they're letting her sing more. And let's not forget Mitchell Musso (who plays Jeremy) and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! And Doofenshmirz! They really need to give Doof more songs.

Number 3: OK, Number Two says yes, she liked it, because 1. She can't wait for it to come out in other countries so she can here the song in different languages and 2. She loves the cute little elves with the cute little accent. I say, well, ish, because they let Buford have his Christmas wish anyways, even though he's been naughty. But, his wish was sweet, I have to give them bonus points for that!

Number 5: OK, Number 4 says that she was disappointed that their were no couples other than Baljendy, cuz' she was expecting some Phinebella. I know, didn't we all? But other than that, she thought it was OK. And I say, how the filthy heck did they ride that flying sleigh without getting hurt? Especially Baljeet, where did that parachute come from? I mean, I know in the claymation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the toys go down with umbrellas, but the presents aren't alive and living in this one. Why would they need parachutes? Ah, well, at least we have an answer to the age-old question, How does Santa do it ALL in ONE night? Well, there's the parachute, and then there are time zones.

Number 6: My turn! I loved the rest stop they made for Santa. That was so sweet! I wonder what kind of energy they used. Hopefully alternative, let's all be green, people. And I also agree with Number 1, I love Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I'm so glad they had a song in this one! First Bowling for Soup, and now this!

Number 7: I loved it, especially the part when Ferb hands Phineas the plans and Phineas is like "Oh, oh, ah, that's not at all what I was thinking, ah, dude!" and then Ferb flips the plans upside-down. I was just like "Next time, babe, hire a professional". And the best part is, if you look at the finished product upside-down, it doesn't look like anything inappropriate. Again, Ferb-babe, this is why they invented pros.

Number 8: I hated the fact that they killed Frosty the Snowman! They really need to treat snowmen better! At least, the second time that happened, Frosty was still alive. "On second thought, don't follow me." (Cracks up) Classic! Other than that, I liked it.

Number 9: I think they should've put more emphasis on the cliche stuff, like how Christmas is about spending time with family, but I guess they hint that, what with Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher's arrival. Other than that, it was cute.

JoJo: I liked watching Phineas and friends being all sad, and Frosty getting killed, but other than that, it was boring. And Blay'n sure fixes those naughty-nice checkers fast! Ah, well, the look on his face was totally worth it.

Number 6: OK, spoilers end here.

Number 7: Spoiler- oops, I mean QUESTION #3 from RayaQuest! Sorry, real sorry!

Number 6: And it says, Why do you like being evil, JoJo?

JoJo: Um, because it's fun. Duh.

Number 1: I think the real explanation is in the technical side, Ten.

JoJo: OK, before I was born, Nine screwed- hey wait a minute, didn't we already explain this?

Number 1: (Sighs) OK, Nine screwed up, when JoJo was born, she was completely void of love, happiness... pretty much everything but anger. Pure anger. And that, when there's enough of it, will translate into Evil

Number 7: Hope that answers your questions, RayaQuest!


Number 6: More questions from RayaQuest!!!

JoJo: Is it just me or is RayaQuest the only one asking questions these days?

Number 1: She's right, the last person to ask a question that wasn't RayaQuest was an unregistered contributor.

Number 6: Are we gonna ask these babes or what?!

Number 7: Alright, alright, OK, she says, first off, why can't Number 4 talk?

Number 3: Bonus points for saying "she can't talk" as opposed to "she doesn't talk".

Number 8: She's never talked, and most likely, never will.

Number 5: You see, for some odd reason Number 4 was born- Born? Created? Which is which?

Number 6: Which witch is which?

Number 1: Please.

Number 5: Any-who-ness, she was insert-appropriate-past-tense-verb-here...-ed without a voice for currently unknown reasons.

Number 1: I don't think it was my fault, 'cause I checked over everything I did and it was flawless!

Number 3: Of course, Number 2 thinks otherwise.

Number 5: Hey, wait a sec, how'd you check over everything you did? You can't do that!

Number 1: I can, with Zo around.

Number 5: I knew that.

Number 6: Anyways, One, Four, and I have been researching everything about the subject, and we can't find a thing.

Number 7: However, we have long accepted her for who she is, similar to how we've accepted JoJo for who she is.

JoJo: Speaking of me, here's RayaQuest's second question. It says, Since... I'm evil... have... I ever considered being a villain?

(Everyone looks over at her)

JoJo: What? I don't like speaking of myself in third person. That's for little Hispanic girls who wear too much pink all the time when they're alone in their rooms with their pet chihuahuas.

Isabella: (From afar) I heard that!

(Everyone looks down)

JoJo: Now how'd she hear me?

Number 1: (Slowly) Good question, honey. Good question.

JoJo: Anyways, I am a villain. Why would I consider otherwise?

Number 9: The O.W.C.A. tried sending one of their agents after her...

Number 8: (Ominously) And he never returned.

JoJo: Giraffes aren't nearly as fun to mess with as humans, but oh flippin' well.

(Everyone turns back to Number 6)

Number 6: What? That's it. No more questions. At least for now.

Everyone: Aww, man!


Number 1: (Starts singing) 1, 2, 3...

Number 3: (Starts singing along) Not only you and me...

Number 5: (Starts singing along) Got 180 degrees...

Number 6: (Starts singing along) And I'm caught in between. (Count 'em)

Number 7: (Starts singing along) 1, 2, 3...

Number 8: (Starts singing along) Peter, Paul, and Mary...

Number 9: (Starts singing along) Gettin' down with 3P

JoJo: (Starts singing along) Everybody loves (Oh) (Count 'em)

(Everybody repeats the song numerous times)

(Suddenly everybody stops singing)

Number 1: We would like to interrupt this Britney moment...

Number 3: If you'd even call it a moment now...

Number 5: To wish everybody out there...

Number 6: However you wanna spell it...

Number 7: A Happy Hannukah.

Number 8: Or is it Chanukah?

Number 9: Like Six said, however you want to spell it.

JoJo: Hanukah, a holiday that officially began a couple hours ago at sunset. So..



Number 6: Another question!


Number 6: And it's from Emilylover224!

Number 3: Glad to see you're alive and well, Emilylover!

Number 6: Hey, I just realized- there's a witch named Emylee Lova which kinda sounds like Emily Lover!

Number 7: Haha, cute!

Number 5: Erm...

JoJo: Anyways, it says: If Feerb and any of you girls were to get married will Ferb turn into a witch!?!?!?!?

Number 9: Ten, that's mean!

Number 1: Anyways, no, that's not how it works.

Number 6: You have to be born and/or created a witch or wizard to become a witch or wizard.

Number 7: Besides, even if that was how it works, Ferb would've become a WIZARD, not a witch.

JoJo: Wizards are boys. Witches are girls.

Number 1: Anyways, hope that answers your question, Emilylover!


Number 6: Hey, everybody, it's another question from everybody's fav questioner!


Number 6: And it asks, well first off, what do you think of Dr. Doofenshmirz, JoJo?

JoJo: Pause. Define "Dr. Doofenshmirz".

Number 6: Wait... Ah, here we go. BTW, I'm copying and pasting this from the Phineas and Ferb Wiki. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, abbreviated as Dr. D and Doof , is a mad scientist and head of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. He tends not to be evil in the traditional sense, but rather overly dramatic, eccentric and generally clueless. His lair appears to be a standard major corporation, and even has its own jingle. He attempts to wreak havoc across "The entire Tri-State Area." All of his plans tend to be thwarted by Perry the Platypus. Dr. Doofenshmirtz seems to strangely enjoy musical numbers, he sings songs of impressing his professor and how he hates his brother Roger Doofenshmirtz. Online, Doofenshmirtz is known as StrudelCutie4427.

Doofenshmirtz lived a very neglected childhood that left him scarred for the rest of his life. His parents were mentally abusive and ignored him, briefly disowned him, and frequently restricted him from doing even the smallest of things. He also had to deal with many bullies, and grew up having issues with his body such as his voice and inablity to grow facial hair. Added onto all this he also has had a very dismal love life, which has almost always ended up with him being broken hearted. Due to these hardships he turned to evil and is will usually attempt to seek vengeance with odd items he purchased off the internet. He has a nemesis in the form of Perry the Platypus, an ex-wife named Charlene and a sarcastic daughter named Vanessa.

JoJo: He actually has his own evil company? That is so cool! Although, the fact that his plans are thwarted, his over dramatization, eccentric-ness, and clueless-ness make him less cool. But still, I need my own evil company!

Number 6: Anyways, the rest of the question is, Do you like how he rivals you with his evilness?

JoJo: Hold on. Since I don't know what he actually does, I can't fairly say what I like or dislike about my apparent rival.

Number 9: Since when did you care about what's fair?

JoJo: Since when do people refer to you as evil?

Number 6: Anyways, here's some of his inventions. Again, this info is coming off of the Phineas and Ferb wiki. He apparently uses a Magnetism Magnifier to reverse the rotation of the Earth; he uses an Age-Accelerator...-inator to age a piece of gourmet cheese, don't ask; he uses a disintervaporator to disintervaporate his old mentor's hideout, again, don't ask, I don't title these things; he built a destructo-ray, but ends up not doing much with it, since Perry the Platypus was trying to keep Phineas and Ferb safe... I wonder how that happened; anyways, oh, this one's interesting, he tries to build a space-laser...-inator, but ends up building a giant sundae machine, Phineas and Ferb end up building the space laser, 'cuz Ferb got the plans confused 'cuz he's- (Cracks up) he's- listen to this one- he's distracted by, and I quote, "the lovely Vannessa".

(Everybody laughs)

Number 6: Ah, yeah, and anyways, he built a Mounster-Truck-Away-inator, a Shrink-spheria, a Freeze-inator ray, a Poop-inator, a giant robot man named Norm, a Gloom-inator-3000...-inator, an Ugly-inator, a Sandwhich-Suit-Remove-inator... you get the picture.

JoJo: Wow.... He ain't very evil, ain't he? I mean, cheese making? Really? I don't think he's a threat much, though I will steal the evil-company-idea.

Number 7:..... Alright, this next one, also from RayaQuest, asks, Number 1, what's your favorite color?

Number 1: Red. Red, red red. R-E-D Red. Red Red Red (Continues to repeat the word "red" while other people stay stuff.

Number 6: Anyways, hope that answers your question RayaQuest!

Number 1: Red, red, red...


Number 1: (To the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas") Red red red red red red red red red red red red red...

(Everybody sighs and rolls their eyes)

Number 6: Anyways, more Q's from RayaQuest. (Pops out)

Number 7: Sorry, we've all been jetting and re-jetting since our secret was discovered. (Pops out)

Number 6: (Pops back in) And she asks, Do you think Perry the Platypus can defeat you, JoJo?

JoJo: Define "Perry the Platypus".

(Numbers 1,4, and 9 all pop out)

Number 6: Ah, wait, hold on... here we go.

(Number 8 pops out, Number 4 pops back in)

Number 6: Again, copying and pasting this from the Phineas and Ferb wiki. Perry the Platypus, codenamed Agent P, is Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus, who, unknown to his owners, lives a double life as a secret agent for The O.W.C.A. (a.k.a. "The Agency"), a government organization of animal spies. In the Agency, his immediate superior is Major Monogram.

Perry has a lair under the Flynn-Fletcher's house that can be entered through various passages. One example is the Chimney Vator, in which he encounters Santa.

His nemesis is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Perry's mission is almost always foiling the doctor's plans, which he successfully accomplishes almost every time even with minimal details about the plans. During these missions, his battle with Dr. Doofenshmirtz cleans up what Phineas and Ferb have been working on that day.

JoJo: Wait a sec, Perry's an agent? Shoot, that'll be difficult to keep from Ferb.

(Numbers 5 and 7 pop out, Number 8 pops back in)

JoJo: Anyways, with my powers, no, I'd just burn him to a crisp. Without my powers, that would depend if I'm feeling merciful. If I ain't, looks like somebody's eating poached platypus for dinner.

(Cyndy, Sandy, and Myndy all pop in)

Cyndy, Sandy, and Myndy: Hey!

Cyndy: I'm Cyndy the ladybug...

Sandy: I'm Sandy the ant...

Myndy: And I'm Myndy the wasp!

Cyndy, Sandy, and Myndy: And we... have yet to come up with a good title for ourselves!

Number 6: Just in time girls, RayaQuest has a question for you girls! (Pops out)

Number 7: (Pops in) She asks, Cyndy and Sandy, you know how Myndy takes advantage about being a wasp witch by stinging people, right?

Cyndy and Sandy: Yeah...

(Number 7 pops out)

Number 6: (Pops in) Well, since your a ladybug witch and an ant witch, what do you two do?

Cyndy: Well, I'm a ladybug witch, and a rather large one at that...

Sandy: We don't even look like real insects, just people in insect costumes... that work.

Cyndy. Anyways, I can use my hard shell to squash people, similar to what Brick does, except I'm not nearly as big!

Sandy: My power actually had nothing to do with looking like an ant; I can steal other people's powers. That's it.

Number 6: Well hope that answers your question, RayaQuest!

(All the DecaWitches that popped out pop back in)


Number 1: Argh, nobody's asking questions anymore!

Number 6: I know, right?

Number 7: Ah, well, Merry Christmas people.


(Celine pops in)

Celine: Hey guys, what'cha doin'?

(At the Garcia-Shapiro home)

Vivian Garcia-Shapiro: Isa, honey, what is it?

Isabella: I just felt a disturbance...

(Back at the DW QnA)

Number 1: QnA.

Number 6: Speakin' of QnA's, here's a q for you, Celine!

Number 7: It's from RayaQuest.

Celine: Wait a sec, RayaQuest as in the one from the followers blog?

JoJo: (Sarcastically) No, RayaQuest from the planet Kuzbain.

Number 6: (Rolls eyes) Anyways, she wants to know if you were born, created, if one of your parents are human and the other a witch/wizard, that thing.

Celine: Oh, that. Well, I was created, like most witches.

Number 1: Around the same time she was born, some other couple was about to lose their brand-new, about-to-be-born baby.

Number 5: Number 4 saw this coming, and we decided to swap babies.

Celine: The parents named me Celine, and... well, the rest of the story's obvious.

Number 1: Hope that answers your question, Raya!


Number 6: I don't know if this question was serious, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

Celine: Let me see. (Looks at question) You airhead, of course it wasn't serious. You're just like LuLu!

Number 7: RayaQuest wants to meet the RayaQuest on the planet Kuzbain.

JoJo: (Bursts out laughing) Really? No way! That was just sarcasm!

(Unknown creature floats in)

Unknown creature: Um, hello, is this the DW QnA?

Number 1: Yes, yes it is. Who are you?

Unknown creature: I'm RayaQuest from the planet Kuzbain.

JoJo: .......Well, what do you know? RayaQuest, meet RayaQuest.

Kuzbainian RayaQuest: Pleasure to meet you.

Number 6: Oh. look, Earthling RayaQuest has a question for the Kuzbainian RayaQuest.

Number 7: She wants to know, who are you?

Kuzbanian RayaQuest: Well, I'm a Kuzbanian. (Everyone stares.) That's it. We're not too creative, you know.

Number 1: ....... Well. Hope that answers your question, Raya the Earthling!

Number 6: Geez, Raya from Earth really wants to know about her apparent Kuzbainian counterpart!

Number 7: She wants to know, well first off Raya from Kuzbain, what do you look like?

Kuzbainian Raya: Well, I don't have a face...

JoJo: Yeah, we can see that. Ew.

Kuzbanian Raya: I have long, fine, straight, black hair that covers my entire head. Other than that, I look like most humans, except, well... skinnier.

Number 6: She also wants to know, what's it like living on Kuzbain?

Kuzbanian Raya: It's very much like living on Earth.... if we're talking about living in 7 million B.C.

JoJo: That sounds awesome! I wanna go to Kuzbain!

Number 1: Which is exactly why you ain't goin' there! Hope that answers your questions Earthling Raya!


JoJo: I love all beautiful things in the world! Smily faces flowers! The color pink! I hate evil and I wanna spend the whole day with Smilez7457! I want there to be peace on the earth! I want there to be no robbers!!! Thats how I feel inside right now!

...* all the other people in the room faint. *

JoJo: (Slaps self in the face) OK, what the frick happened? I just sounded like Negative 10!

Number 8: (Wakes up) Although, I do like the fact that you like the color pink. NOT!

(JoJo pulls a grenade from her wheelchair and chucks it at her.)

Number 8: Did you have that- that when you came in?

JoJo: ..... Um, no.

Number 8: Then where did it-

Both: Four.

(Four wakes up.)

JoJo: Hey, thanks babe.

(Much, much, MUCH later!!!!)

(6 is on her laptop when she sees the 20,000 Q's posted on Smilez's talk page)

6: Whoa.

5: Let me guess: You just got Lulu to learn a Cure spell.

6: No, idiot! I ain't even playing FFX! Look at this!

(Everyone looks over 6's shoulder)

7: Ouch.

10: You can say that again.

7: Ouch.

6: Well, are we gonna answer these Q's or what?!?

5: What.

6: (Rolls eyes) Ha. Alright, let's start. P.S., these are coming from the Secret Knowers.

3: And Addict Girl. (Everyone stares) What?

6: OK, ignoring. Let's start.

5: For real?

6: Yes, for real. Alright, #1:

  • Which organazation is stronger, ours or yours?

Um... Good question. Considering we have no idea who the heck you guys are, I'm afraid to make judgements. 7: Agreed.

6: Give us a chance to check you guys out first, and we'll get back to that one, K? And, now we have question number 2!

  • What to visit us sometime?

And by "what", we'll assume you guys mean "want".

3: Just a wild guess.

7: And to answer your question-

6: We kinda hafta. Ya know, to answer your first question, and that.

3: Alright, Question number 3! That's me! Heh, that rhymes.

6: (Rolls eyes) Ok, seriously, next question...

  • How many languages can you speak?

3: Well, 2 here can speak all of them!

6: 'Tis her power.

1: As for the rest of us, we mostly speak English.

3: Although, before we discovered Earth, we had a language of our own.

5: We never use it anymore.

6: Plus, 9's followers - we call them "Ninites" - speak a launguage of their own.

7: No one knows exactly why.

8: It mostly sounds like sqeaks and sqeals.

9: I can speak it fluently.

10: Wonder why that is.

6: Alrighty, then, question number 4! Let's get this done, people!

  • Who do you think is more bored, us or you?

Um... that depends.

1: Do you guys break out randomly in song when nobody asks a question?

3: If you do, then we have no idea.

5: If ya don't, then we rest our case.

6: Question number 6!

5: 5.

6: Whatever.

  • Why can't #4 just use a software that you type on and it talks so people know what you're saying?


1: We tried that once.

3: It diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied.

1: You can say that again.

3: It diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied.

6: Number 6! Finally, we're at me!

5: Ha.

6: What? OK,

  • What's the name of your planet?

Um, Home.

1: Yes, I know, we're very creative.

6: Fun fact: Coincidentally, in Final Fantasy X, the place where all the Al Bhed people reside is also called Home.

10: Just remember, we thought of it first!

6: Alright, number 7!

7: Yes'm?

8: (Rolls eyes) Hilarious.

6: Yeah, I know right? So,

  • Are you based on something that Smilez liked?

Good question.

7: Ya, what are we based off of?

(Smilez walks in)

1: Smiley!

3: You's back!

Smilez: Uh-huh! (Kisses the DW's on both cheeks, Italian style)

6: Perfectional. We gots a question. What are we based off off?

Smilez:.... Well, you guys are based off of a lot of things. But I suppose I should start out with my first characters, Andi.

10: We're based off of those fairies?

Smilez: Let me finish. So, Andi was actually two fairies, and they were simply referred to as "One" and "Two".

1: That's where that comes from!

Smilez: They traveled around from world to world, unlike you guys, who started out at Home.

3: Sad face!

(Everyione stares)

3: What? They were Homeless!

5: Hilarious.

3: Ya, I know right?

Smilez: In basicality, they were me, except they were fairies. Very, very pink fairies.

6: Out of curiosity, was that the basis of Zo? The pinkness, I mean?

Smilez: Probably. Anyways, as the number of worlds they visited grew, so did the number of Andi's.

7: Did they have a cool title, like the DecaWitches?

Smilez: Not at the time. Anyways, they grew, and grew, and eventually became "witches", not "fairies".

8: Ya, "witch" sounds cooler.

Smilez: Agreed. Anyways, when the number of Andi-witches reached 10, I decided that that was enough. There would be no 11, or 12, or et cetera.

9: Et cetera?

Smilez: Etc.

9: I knew dat.

10: Suuure, you did.

Smilez: I'm sure you can guess the rest. "Andi" eventually became "JoJo"-

1: 'Cuz that sounds cooler.

Smilez: Exactly, although Andi's still the awsominine spelling of Andy.

3: True fact.

5: Oxymoron.

6: Movin' on.

Smilez: And then I decided to name the group the "DecaWitches" and give them all special powers. The abbriviation "DW's" was thought up by AgentGoldfish, and now everyone uses it.

7: Whoa.

8: Nice.

9: How'd you know about the Andi-fairies, anyways?

10: Magic.

6: Alright, now we're at question number-

7: Barf.

8: Hey!

6: Here we go...

  • Do you guys have any cool gadgets?

(Everyone stares at the camera funny)

6: UM, ONLY EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN' GADGET TO BE FOUND IN THE ENTIRE DARNED GALAXY! Geez, I'm only the inventor of basically every little bit of technology that exists! Yeesh, some people.

10: Now we're at number Barf.

9: Har-de-har-har.

6: OK,

  • What type of powers do you guys have?


5: No duh.

1: Alright, I can sing better than anyone else, and play every instrument ever.

3: 2 can speak every language, as we mentioned earlier, and she can also shape-shift into every pesron-slash-alien imaginable. I know exactly what to do when. "Common sense", if you will.

5: 4 can see the future, and she's really good at reading and writing, plus she can bring book characters to life. I can alter anything to do with humans and witches/wizards. No, that does not include altering thing genetically, but like, healing and cancer treatment and stuff.

6: I'm a "techy-geek"; in other words, I can mess with everything doing with technology.

7: I'm an artish, I can draw really well, and make artist's tools appear out of nowhere. Plus, I can make drawings come to life.

8: I can play with and alter animals. I can also shape-shift into animals.

9: I can alter people's genetics, and figure out their family tree.

10: And I used to be able to control the eight elements - fire, ice, thunder, water, earth, wind, darkness, and light - but I lost those powers a while ago.

6: OK, now we're finally on question number 10!

  • Will you ask us a question?

We'll think about it.

10: Really? Is that it?

6: Hey, we're almsot done with this, K? Number 11!

  • Are we driving you nuts?


10: Yes.

9: No.

8: Are we done yet?

7: No.

6: We are, but don't hold it by me.

5: Finally!

3: That totally did not waste our time!

1: Peace out! -Addict Girl 411's Secret Knowers

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