Danville in the Old West
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December 24th 2009

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The Tank and the Furious

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Spiny and Tank meets Rapidmon

In the year 1885 the days of the Cowboys,the days of the ancestors of Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace , Isabella, Pinky, Buford, Biff, Baljeet, Terry ,Spiny ,Tank and The O.W.C.A . One Menace there ancestors of L.O.S.E. In the Public Library of Danville Spiny and Tank will try to find if there were an ancestor one book names the history of Danville in the section the Old West finds the dinosaurs cowboys Spino and Saicha . Meanwhile Terry go to Fights the Professor Destructicon . and found it thawing one Dinosaur card the card of Destructisaur who told him what I think your ancestor Tommy Destructicon for one mission destroy to Tyranno the Tyrannosaurus and Tyranno freeze your creation


  • Im go to Danville
  • Go West
  • My Destructisaur


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