Oh, she might like this "Fishface has proven twice he likes you." More like Fishhead, including the brain. Isabella was still very confused. "And that means he likes you but that doesn't seem to go to his brain!" Isabella was stunned for a few seconds. "What you just said is how he feels. Just a tip, don't hesitate, no matter what you think."

         MEANWHILE (later)...

"So, Ferb, can you think of anything to do today? Have we done everything already?!?" Phineas asked his older brother, Ferb. He just shrugged. "Let's go have breakfast. Mom got a new box of Ramb- Didn't Isabella say she never saw a real unicorn before and I said we would do that tomorrow?" His silent brother just nodded. "We never did that. And she said she liked that romance stuff? I mean, she is a nice girl."


"Hiya! Whatchya doin?" Isabella did a cute pose and waves hello. "Not much. We can't think of what to do today! Might I ask what your plan for today is?" He smiled. "No specific idea, just spending the day with my favorite guys." She smiled right back at him. Ferb's laptop computer started to beep. "It's an e-mail video link" The brother finally said. He opened the link and watched the video. "Sweet, dino robots! Ferb, I finally know what to do today!"


Candace was on the phone. "Stacy, I think I know why they always get away with their crimes, I always freak out! If I keep my cool, maybe they will get busted naturally!" Stacy said something. "I know, that is a bit of a risk, but I need to experiment! What if it dose work?"

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