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Corai Matthias
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Born: November 27th
Nemesis: Buford Van Stomm, Daisy Hernandez, Goldfish Darkskull
Friends and Family
Jane Smith
Mickey Matthias
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  A Dark, Creepy, Random Night
Voiced by:
Samuel Vincent


He is very sensitive, as throughout his childhood he has been bullied by many. He is quiet, and if you tell him something negative about him, he ends up crying.


Phineas Flynn

Even though he thinks Phineas is generally nice, he despises his inventions, because he always somehow gets hurt by them.

Ferb Fletcher

He thinks he's okay, but hates his inventions for the same reason he hates Phineas's.

Candace Flynn

Candace makes fun of his sensitiveness, and he prefers to avoid her.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Corai thinks Isabella is the sweetest girl on the planet, and has a crush on her. He tries to get close to her, but generally fails.

Daisy Hernandez

Daisy tries to be nice to him, but Corai calls her mean and despicable, which usually ends up with Daisy trying to pull his hair out, or, to a lesser extent, her storming off angry.

Didi Martinez-Hernandez

Corai thinks Didi is very nice and thinks of her as friend. Didi defends him from Buford a lot.

Buford Van Stomm

Buford bullies Corai often for being sensitive a lot, and Corai hates him for this. Corai tries to avoid him, but, because Buford hangs out with Phineas and Ferb a lot, he can't.

Baljeet Rai

Baljeet is Corai's best friend, mainly because they are both bullied and smart.

Goldfish Darkskull

Corai is not particularly fond of Goldfish. Quite the contrary, actually. Corai practically despises Goldfish. Goldfish has never actually purposely done anything particularly horrible to Corai, Corai just thinks he's annoying (Which he is). Very annoying and mean. Corai thinks Goldfish is out to get him due to him laughing when anything unfortunate happens to Corai (Though Goldy does this to everyone [including himself]. Corai just thinks he only does it to him). Corai also thinks Goldfish is, well, a waste of space, and overfortunate. Though things do tend to bend to Goldfish's favor more often then Corai's. Corai has actually been severely injured due to Goldfish's stupidity (albeit indirectly), which adds to his hatred.

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