An animated series based on the movies Candace Holmes and Candace Holmes 2: Mystery in Time.

Candace Holmes seems like an ordinary teenager living in London, but the one way she's different from other teenagers, her grandfather is a famous detective. Join Candace as she both overcomes peer pressure, and solves crime, with the help of her lovable yet goofy sidekick Stacy Watson, and her crush Jeremy Adler. Whether it's fingerprints or a prom dress Candace Holmes is always ready.


Candace Holmes- The granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes. She doesn't care for her family lineage, and would rather hang out at the mall than solve crime, although she cares for her friends and is willing to risk her life to protect them. Candace doesn't share her grandfather's wit, although in periods of danger she comes up with a plan in almost an instant. (Voiced by Ashley Tisdale)

Stacy Watson- The granddaughter of Dr. John Watson, and Candace's friend and sidekick. Like her grandfather Stacy is lovable but somewhat dim-witted, although despite her failures she is determined to help Candace in any way. (Voiced by Kelly Hu)   

Jeremy Adler- The grandson of Irene Adler, and Candace's crush. Jeremy is friendly and kind, and completly believes in Candace, which makes Candace's job all the more stressful.The main reason Candace takes on cases is to impress Jeremy. (Voiced by Mitchel Musso)   

Vanessa Moriarty- The granddaughter of Professor James Moriarty, and Candace's arch-enemy. She is a spoiled rich girl, who believes she has the right to take whatever she wants. She mostly stays in her mansion in the outskirts of London. She hates Candace not only because she constantly foils her plans, but because her grandfather has disgraced her family name. She also has a crush on Jeremy, but Jeremy doesn't return the feelings. (Voiced by Olivia Olson)  

Inspector Francis Lestrade- The son of the first Inspector Lestrade. The lead inspector of Scotland Yard just like his father. He aressts the criminals Candace capture. He is very tempramental and is irritated about employeeing a stubborn teenager. (Voiced by Jeff "Swampy" Marsh)

Carl- Inspector Lestrade's intern. He sometimes gets on Lestrade's nerves, he has a crush on Candace, but Candace is absolutley disgusted by him. (Voiced by Tyler Alexander Mann, this time credited)

Linda Holmes- Candace's mother who always tries to convince Candace that her family legacy is something to be proud of, sometimes her natural motherly instincts embarass Candace. (Voiced by Caroline Rhea)  

Mindy- Candace's school rival. She constantly critisizes Candace's crime fighting career, saying it is not something normal girls would do, although in the end it always comes back around, mostly being her fear in the heat of battle.

Stubbings- Vanessa's butler who tags along in Vanessa's crimes, his frequent failures causes constant abuse from her, he hates every aspect of his job. (Voiced by Tim Curry)


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