"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! I look like a FREAK!" -Candace's reaction to being turned into a locomotive.


As a locomotive, she is based on the GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall engine used for Harry Potter movies. Her mother is a GWR 4073 Class locomotive who was transformed by Coniverace for trying to get her daughter back.

First day on the job


Candace came to work on Sodor where she met Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Her first job was shunting,   which to her sounded like an easy job, but after a while she found out shunting wasn't as easy as she thought it was. During her shunting period, the troblesome trucks taunted her with things like "You're more of a freak show then even Mighty Mac!", and "Hey newbie, NICE STUPIDITY!!". She was very rude to the trucks because of all the things they said to her. She got promoted to a passanger train for her hard work,  but she mistaked Thomas's coaches for hers, being they were both females worthy of being her BFFs. She felt very guilty for her wrongdoing, but Annie and Clarabell forgived her anyway. She got to transport the Duke and Dutchess of Boxford to Hogwarts Castle using a Royal 1st-class stagecoach named Harold.

Shining Time Station

She stops at Shining Time to take a break from her trip. Mr. Conducter asked her what she was doing there. Candace then replied, "Oh, I just have to deliver these passenger cars to King's Cross, pick up the students and drop them off at Hogsmede Station."

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