One summer day at Phineas and Ferb's house, the boys were sitting by the tree, as always, when someone came though the gate. It wasn't one of their friends, but he came anyway and said hi. So Phineas said hi, but not Ferb. Ferb never talks to anyone. Well, sometimes he does. Now back to the story: the boy spoke again and said: "Well, my name is Camron. What's your name?" "My name is Phineas and this is my stepbrother, Ferb." "Cool names. You guys wanna be my friends? I'm new here and you guys will be my first friends!" Camron said. Phineas spoke again and said: "Sure, we'll be your friends." "Yes, my first friends! Hey Phineas and Ferb, can I meet some of your friends?" Camron said. Phineas said: "Sure. We can your show you our friends. Well, here's our best friend, Isabella!" "Whatcha doin'?" Isabella says. Phineas: "This is our new friend. So, do you wanna be his friend? He's new to Danville." Isabella spoke and said "Sure, I'll be his friend. Well you gonna let him meet Baljeet now?" Phineas: "Yes, Isabella." At Baljeet's house, Phineas said to Camron, "This is Baljeet." "Hey, Baljeet!" Camron said. "He is our new friend, Baljeet. Wanna be his friend. He's new to Danville." Phineas said. Baljeet spoke and said, "Sure, I will. I don't have that many friends." Well, that's how they meet Camron.

Revised by ---****--- Roads

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