Bridget Thortington was the very third friend of Isabella. She is Alicia's faithful servant. She is the squeaky spark girl.

Background Information


Bridget is an excellent singer. She sang "Will You Mind The Gelatin Kick?"

Bridget can play tennis. "Tennis Girl"

She can play only the cello and the trumpet.

Her skills in checkers are not so good, but sometimes a bad skill in checkers but, a nice good skill in chess.

It's an impossible thing to balance on a little room fence with water on the other side and land on the other. Bridget is good balancing and never fell down, Police noticed she isn't going to fall down.

Bridget is not good in baking Muffin Chunklets. Once by one everyone eats the chunklets and vomit.(except Amy, and Phineas, who did not eat the chunklets)

Other Info

  • She has celebrated Kwanzaa and Hanukkah instead of Christmas. "Italian Kwanzaa"
  • Amy, Isabella and Bridget were the only known girls who celebrated Hanukkah(Amy sometimes joined Hanukkah parties). "Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah?","You Can't Always Get What You Peanuts"
  • Bridget's troop is 45783. "Bridget Goes The Blues" , "Third Element Troop" , "Gelatin Amy", "Outstanding Work"
  • Bridget accidentally made Isabella's hair frizzy again. "Stress Busting", "Troop-Leader-Young Buildboy Dating Game"

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