Bernard Fenllern




Probably the same as Adrian


Not Stated




Aron Fenllern(dad) Casey Fenllern (mom), Lynn Fenllern (sister), Macy Fenllern (sister), Amy Mason, Xerxes Mason, Francis Mason, Liberty Ferteper (cousins)

Bernard Fenllern is the son of Aron and Casey Fenllern. He is Adrian Flynn's best friend and has two sisters: Lynn and Macy.He has the same hair color as his mother Casey. Bernard used Casey's catchphrase "Funny Love!" but it is used the most by Macy (Like the song Aron and Casey sang in the Pucca Funny Love episode "Hooray For Bollywood".). Lynn and Macy both helped him create inventions with their cousins Liberty, Dasen and Jerry. Bernard sometimes accompany Adrian at the casino Casey and Isabella both went to compete with Phineas and Aron.

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