Candace goes on a class trip with Stacy, Jenny, Jeremy, and Coltrane to Barcelona, Spain. She keeps feeling her family has followed her to Barcelona to keep an eye on her. She sees her mom's hair in the plane a few seats in front of her. She marches to the seat and starts yelling when she realizes it is an orange pillow. She apologizes to the man with the pillow and runs to her seat. When the land in Spain, she sees a kid with Phineas's clothes on and grabs him. She realizes it's a clown headed towards baggage to pick up his gag bag. She leaves the airport and sees Ferb's shadow on an apartment curtain and starts yelling at it. The wind starts to blow and lifts the curtain to reveal a blender. She turns to see her father standing beside an art museum. She goes up to him and starts yelling at him. Stacy asks her why she is yelling at two paintings. Candace looks to see that the paintings are of her dad's suit entitled "Suit in a Window Display" and her father in a bathing suit in Palm Beach called "Lawrence Fletcher in a Speedo". She starts to see the world spinning and she starts to see things like flying unicorns and tap dancing penguins. She finds herself on top of the Empire State Building as a strawberry monster pushes her off. She falls and sees talking trees, swimming rabbits, Jeremy wanting to kiss her, the Cowardly Lion, a monkey in a bikini, and a zebra ballerina. She lands on a wad of jelly and bounces into a tree house. The tree house starts to move forward and transforms into a roller coaster. She is about to wreck into a brick wall when she hears her mom saying "Candace! Wake up or you'll miss your plane to Barcelona!" Candace wakes up to find it was all a dream.


  • When Candace wakes up from the dream, we can see a Justin Timberlake poster in the background. Gregory Maguire's book Wicked appears on her night stand next to a Derek Jeter bobblehead and a Carrie Underwood CD.
  • Riley and Todd from The Replacements are seen on a painting in Jeremy's Barcelona brochure.
  • This episode premiered on Disney Channel and Disney XD as part of Phineas and Ferb Night.

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