This is my new “Phineas and Ferb,” story “The Ballad of Baljeet” it will get better as it progresses reviews always welcome.


Beaware in this story Baljeet has a brother named Aanand “Andy”.



December 9 a baby boy was born .


The proud parents Maulik and Amrita, namedtheir baby boy “Aanand” which meant joy.


They nicknamed him “Andy”.


After a few weeks of Amrita nursing the baby , she allowed him outside.


Andy was loved by all the Indian women, some even offered to keep him.


Although mostly his mother objected they didn’t mind him beingkept , when Amrita was once again having another baby.


There second child was smaller in size then their first one, in fact the doctors laughed when they nicked-named him the “Human Raisin”.


Maulik wanted to name him something poetic like “Ballad”.


Amrita wanted to name him something with a “J”.


Maulik began pronouncing “Bal,” wondering what the end of the name could be....


While wondering what to name his new son he realized he dropped his gum


The gum was called “Jeet”.


“Honey you dropped your ball ofJeet” Amrita told him holding the baby in her arms admiring him


“Ball ofJeet... Say that again” Maulik answered


“Ball of...” Amrita was interrupted by Maulik telling her not to say “of”.


“Ball Jeet... Ball Jeet... Baljeet!” Amrita exclaimed beginning to like this name


“Have you two decided what to name your baby?”


“Baljeet!” They exclaimed so loudly they started a ruckus across the room 

If you have enjoyed this I will write another chapter soon perhaps maybe in the same day .




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