It was peaceful at the Patel household. The mailman arrived at the Patel's mailbox. Ms. Patel got the mail. "Baljeet," said Ms. Patel. "There's a letter for you in the mail!" Baljeet came into the living room. There was the letter. The return address, was STACY HIRANO'S? Baljeet read it. it said he was invited over to Stacy's house to hang out. It read:

Dear Baljeet Patel, You have been picked to be a part of Stacy Hirano's house hang out. There will be many teenagers there. You are the only kid. Please don't be offended. Come at 6:00 PM and the party will begin!

               Hirano Hang out Co.

"When did Stacy have a company?" asked Baljeet to himself. At 6:00, it was time to go. So he went. Ms. Patel drove him there. He went in to find many teens such as Mindy, Jeremy, the band 2 Guys in the Parque, Jenny, Marcus, Coltrane, and many other teens he did not know. Stacy started the party. Jeremy invited Baljeet to play Stacy's Xbox 360 with him. Baljeet thought, "This won't be so bad after all."

(I will get more ASAP. Do NOT edit!)

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