• Gary, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Perry, Buford, Baljeet, Dave, and Rick walk in*

Phineas: Yo! This is a.......... um.......... ah....... what is it again?

  • Phineas walks off screen. He mutters to the camera crew manager and then walks back on screen*

Phineas: Okay! I found out that it's Q&A! So, Ferb, let's see, do we have any questions yet?

  • Ferb shakes his head*

Phineas: Darn. Um... Let us wait!

Gary: Wow. Still nothing?

Phineas: Yup.

Rick: You know, we're supposed to be announcing right now, but we gave the job to another group just to do this. There better be some questions!

Buford: There will be! Relax or I'll punch you in the face!

Rick: Yeah, sure you will.

  • Buford aims his fist at Rick's face. Ferb does a vulcan nerve pinch on Buford.*

Phineas, Gary, Isabella, Dave, Rick, and Baljeet: Ferb!

Ferb: Sorry!

Phineas: Really, we need a question!

Gary: Hmm....

Ferb: Well......?

Phineas: Let me check.

  • Phineas walks over to the computer. He walks back, looking unhappy.*

Baljeet: Well?

Phineas: None.

Buford: Dang!

Gary: We, like, so need a question.

  • Then Isabella shouts*

Isabella: Here's one!

Everyone else: Yeah!

Isabella: Well, HiBy25 asks, Dave and Rick, what's it like to be an announcer?

Dave: Well, it's pretty fun. I have to say my favorite part is seeing the action.

Rick: I agree. I'll say....

Phineas:*Sounding bored* Spit it out!

Gary: Yeah, hurry up!

Rick: Give, me time! Geesh!

Dave: Oh my gosh!

Rick: Shut up, Dave!

Dave:*muttering* What if I don't want to?

Rick: I heard that!

Dave: So?

Rick: Well, anyway, I'll say my favorite part is....... uh....

Gary: Gosh!

Phineas: Yeah, really, hurry up!

Rick: Fine!

Isabella: Good!

Rick: My favorite part is making the money!

Dave: What?

Rick: Well, it is!

Dave: You know, I think we should really get going.

Rick:What! No!

Dave: Too bad! Bye-bye!

  • Everyone waves*

Everyone: Bye!

Gary: Hey, it's a question!

  • Everyone cheers*

Gary: It says, ooh, um, Phineas, you gotta go outside. Phineas: What? Why?

Gary: Just go.

  • Phineas walks outside*

Gary: Okay, Emilylover224 says, I hate Phineas. What should I do to make myself not angry at the trewpy dwarf?

  • Everyones is gaping at Gary*

Gary: That's what it says! I would say just don't think about it. And if you can't, don't watch Phineas and Ferb for a while. That's probably hard for most people on this wiki.

  • Phineas walks in*

Phineas: What did I miss?

Gary: Okay! Next question! Ferb, leave!

  • Ferb leaves*

Gary: PerryPerry asks, Why does Ferb seem so underage for everything? Well, I don't really know. He just seems to be an expert at everything. Probably practice in his years in Britian.

  • Ferb comes back in*

Gary: Hey, Ferb, this is for you! Smilez221 asks, if you could be paired with Vanessa or Gretchen, who would it be?

Ferb: I don't know. Probably Vanessa.

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