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The Annual Troop Olympics is an annual competition between several troops from the Tri-State Area. The competition is divided into two sections: one for girls, and one for boys. (The troops which have both genders are split into two sub-troops, for example, the Icesmoke Troop would be split into the Icesmoke Girls and Icesmoke Boys.) Each section has various obstacles and challenges which determine their stamina, survival skills, teamwork skills, and friendship bonds. The highest prize of honor is the Golden Eagle, which is followed by the Silver Hawk, the Bronze Crane, all the way to the Metal Mockingbird, which is the award for last place. The Golden Eagle (Girls' Section) has been won by the Fireside Girls each year since the troop was founded in 1995. The Golden Eagle (Boys' Section) has been won by various troops, including the Lakefront Boys and the Oceanview Boys. The only troop in the whole history of the Annual Troop Olympics, both Girls' and Boys' Sections, who hasn't won the Golden Eagle is the Icesmoke Troop, who won the Silver Hawk in the most recent Annual Troop Olympics. The Annual Troop Olympics was founded in 1979 by Micheal and Michelle Troops. The troops who competed in the first Annual Troop Olympics were the Icesmoke Troop, Snowtop Girls, and the Icicledust Boys.

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