This is and episode from my fanfic show Yuna,Phineas,and Stitch!

Phineas was stuck on a ship when he escaped in a little red police car.

He put the police car in hyper drive!!!!!

He blasted through space intul he was sucked into a space storm!

He was knocked unconscious as he hit the hard land on a island called Izayoi.

Dr.Jumba saw the impact and came to the sight and rescued Phineas.


Phineas woke up in a strange little island hut.

A blue dog/ koala greeted him with a lick at the face. Another pretty girl was shaking Phineas.

Phineas finally came to as the girl shook him one last time.

"Whhherree am I ?" he asked grogly.

"We found you unconscious in the forest,in a space craft. Except you don't look like an alien!" the girl joked.

Phineas couldn't remeber anything that happened before the crash, except for his family and friends.

Phineas finally sat up rubbing his head. "Who are you two?" Phineas asked.

"I'm Yuna and this is Stitch,he's my alien/dog."Yuna cried happily.

"Welcome to our ohana Phineas!" Yuna greeted.

"How do you know my name? And what's Ohana?" Phineas asked

"You were mummbling in your sleep, or unconsciosness!" Yuna told him.

"Hmmm.....well it's nice to meet you, Yuna and Stitch!" Phineas greeted getting up from under the covers.

"Aloha!" Stitch greeted grinning widely.

"Yoouu c-c-aaannn tal-tal-tal"Phineas stuttered.

"I think your'e trying to say talk." Yuna answed, "And yes he can talk, he's a talking alein."

"Cool!"Phineas cried.

Phineas got out of the bed.

His clothes were torn and dirty.

"Whoa what happened to me?" Phineas said suprised.

"I guess you crashed into Earth!" Yuna replied.

"Let me lend you some clothes then maybe we can go on a walk to the beach!" Yuna suggested.

"Well ok..." Phineas said getting onto is feet.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Phineas yeilped in pain.

" Oh my goodness are you ok!" Yuna cried.

"NO!" Phineas said sitting on the bed.

"Obaa! We need to get to the hospital! Pronto!!!" Yuna yelled to her grandmother.

"Why what is wrong?" Obaa asked Yuna.

"I think Phineas broke his right ankle!" Yuna answered.

"Ok! Grab your cellphone and a jaket,and then let's go, and Phineas get dressed!" Obaa yelled.

"Ok!" Phineas replied.


Good news, we have a extra pair of crutches for him to use!"the doctor told Yuna,Stitch,and Obaa.

"And well....oh here he is."the doctor said opening the door for Phineas.

"Oh Phineas!" Yuna cried hugging him tightly.

Stitch joined in hugging Phineas' left leg.

Yuna had tears in her eyes, even though she just meet Phineas she felt like she's kwon him for years.

At that moment Phineas knew they were gonna be his ohana!!!

TO BE CONTINUED............................

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