Adyson gets expelled from the Fireside Girls on false account, so Phineas and Ferb try to help her get back in, but Isabella knows the letter was a false account but tries to deny she knows it because Eliza M. Firesied, tells her when all of the letters are true. But later tells her to let Adyson back in then says she did she is just absent. 3 days later Eliza tells Isabella that if she does not let Adyson back in, she will not be allowed to be a fireside girl anymore and won't let her see any fireside girls anymore. When Isabella starts not to care Eliza adds, "And you will stay in fireside training for this summer and the next 5 without Phineas and Ferb. Isabella relizes how bad it is to lie. She then lets Adyson back in if she earns 100 patches with Eliza's permission. Adyson completes the task and since Isabella asked Eliza, Adyson got proposed to be the second troop leader then denies it but later takes it under consideration for whenever needed or whenever Isabella needs it.


Go Adyson Go



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