The Flynn-Fletcher family once again visit their grandparents in England. Candace is surprised to see Jeremy their too, and even more shocked when he says his family is taking the tour of the Pipping family castle. Candace remembers her international crush Charles Pipping, and realizes that if he and Jeremy meet, and mention her, neither one of them will ever go out with her. Candace does all she can to keep Jeremy and Charles away from each other, but Suzy who came along with Jeremy will stop at nothing to make sure Candace fails.

"you know, candace likes you-" Suzy was saying to charles. Candace sensed somthing was wrong. she put on Phineas and Ferb's super speed boots and raced towrds charles. when phineas and ferb came back to thier boots, Phineas said "Hey, where's our boots?" Ferb replied "Forget that! where's Perry?

Inside the castle, Perry took off the helmet of a knights armour and climbed inside. An elevator took him down to his lair. "Hello agent P." said Major Monogram. "Doofensmirtz has been buying thouands of rugs- hey Karl, didn't he already do that?" "Yes sir." said Karl. "but he may have a different reason." "well" said Momogram."Get out there and stop Doofenshmirtz!

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