One day on a tiny and old planet a little miracle happened. A little alein child was born. Her parents loved her blue silky hair and green velvety skin. They instently fell in love with the name Dellafrolm. It fit well with their last name Gerbalcalha. They could see her future well. A wonderful student at Fuooangata Elementry. Untill When she was only 10. Her parents abadoned her. They just couldn't take care of here active little soul. They did the impossible by sending her on a little spaceship about her size.Well,... sent her in the middle of dead space. "But mommy daddy!!! I've spent my whole life with you guys! You can't let me go now! Dellafrolm said with her little terrified voice. "I'm sorry sweetie! We can't take care of you... It's just to much." Her mother said "I knew we weren't ready for parenthood but your father wouldn't listen..." Her father rolled his eyes. " But we both came to this hard desition..." Dellafrolm's father said "Then I guess it's time for me t-to move on...right?" She said trying not to cry. "Yes sweetie." Her mother said "It's time for you to go" Following that a kiss on her forehead from her mom. And a toss in the air followed by the same thing freom her father. "Bye mommy...bye daddy" She waved. they waved also. And that was the end...(Hey guys my first story! Please don't edit!!!!! I'll get to this ASAP!!!)

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