After the kids find part of a photo of Florence's lost brother Quinten, they plan to find him and reunite Florence and him. Meanwhile, Perry must find Buttons after the eject button accidentally sent her to Queensland.


Running gags

Too young line


Ferb's line

Umm...I'm Ferb that's your sister

Florence's line

Patrica: I can't believe we spent 3 days in Austrila

Florence: I can't relive I have a younger brother

Whatcha doin'

Said by Isabella

Perry's entrance to the liar

Through the living room wall

Memorable quotes

  • [Coming soon]



  • An American Tail: The plot is simalir to it and the songs another cover
  • Up: The dogs in the rainforest are a possible reference to the Muntz dogs the scene may also is a spoof of The Emperor's New Groove
  • FernGully: The Last Rainforest: When the kids are in the rainforest and Candace accidentally mistakes a drinking potion for water she accidentally shrinks which is a parody when Crysta shrinks Zak the size of a fairy
  • G-Force: When Candace said "great and I thought the little girl was crazy" it is punning on what Hurley said "talking to flies and I thought the ferret was crazy"
  • [hold that thought]
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The name of the episode is similar to an episode in the series: A Chipmunk Reunion.


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