A story I wrote on Tuesday, April 6th

A Phineas and Ferb Halloween (I'm sorry if anyone has made a

Halloween story. I'm new here)

A Phineas and Ferb halloween

Made by Jessa

Section heading

A Phineas and Ferb Halloween: Part One


October 31st alot of kids favorite holidays, same goes for our heros Phineas and Ferb, hey there getting off the school bus now lets check in on them!!

Phin : MUAHHAAHAAAAAH, how was that Ferb??

Ferb : (thumbs up)

Candace: Ok you maniacs whats up??

Phin : Practicing my evil laugh!!!

Cand : Keep it down alright i have to figure out what im gona be for Jeremys big party tonight!!!

Phin : What about Medusa??

Cand : Grr

Phin : What? Hey wheres Perry

Ferb: Right there

Phin : Oh ok I've been doing that lately

(Isabella enters the Flynn-Fletcher backyard)

Isa : Wat'cha doin??

Phin : Practicing my evil laugh

Isa : Wat'cha bein tonight??

Phin : Vampire

Isa : What a coincidence im a Vampiress tonight

Phin : Ok team lets make a game plan of the houses to hit. I say we do this neighborhood first then go to the fancy houses for the king sizes candy bars!!

Isa : Sounds good... I have to go get ready! Bye Phineas. Bye Ferb!

Part two

Narrorator : Lets go see what Candace is up to

Cand : (phone ring) Hello, oh hi Jeremy whats up

Jer : Not much just getting the house ready for the party.... hey you can come decorate if you want to

Cand : Why sure... wait i have another call (hits button on phone) Hello??

Mom : Candace, honey Ferb has become unexpectidly sick.. im sorry you have to watch him

Cand : MOM thats SO unfair

Mom : I'm sorry honey I'm at Halloween Bingo with Charleen Doofenshmirtz

Cand : Fine (sigh) i have to tell Jeremy i can't make it

Mom : Ok bye

Cand : Bye (hits button on phone) Hey Jeremy.. are you still there

Jer : Yeah hey whats up you sound sad

Cand : Ferb got sick i have to miss the party I'm sorry

Jer : It's ok

Cand : Well i have to go.. Bye

Jer : Bye (hangs up)

Narrorator : Well that wasn't fun lets check in with Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella

Ferb : (cough, cough)

Isa : Gosh, Ferb you sound terrible, I'm sorry you have to miss Halloween

Phin : Yeah I'll miss ya bro

Isa : Hey, Phineas I have an idea??

Phin : What??

Isa: we each give Ferb half of our candy it would be like he got to go tonight!!!

Phin : Great idea!!

Isa : Thanks (blushes)

Ferb : Ok you guys have fun... I'll be looking forward to your candy

Phin : (Laughs) Ok Ferb.... Lets go Isabella

Isa : Ok

(Phineas and Isabella run out the door onto the Flynn-Fletcher's front porch)

Phin : You got the map??

Isa : Yes. Yes, i do!!

Phin : Ok the first house is my neighbors they give the BEST candy. I promise you the BEST Halloween EVER ok!!!

Isa : Ok lets go

(They run to the house next to the Flynn-Fletchers)

Phin and Isa : Trick-Or-Treat

(Lightning strikes)

Isa : AHHHHH what was THAT

Phin : Chill, it's ok its just lighting

Isa : I have a HUGE fear of thunder and lightning

Phin : It's ok I'm here i wont let anything bad happen to you

( Thunder claps, power goes off)

Isa : AHHHHHHHHHHH Phineas take me home

Phin : But we dont have any candy for Ferb

Isa : Fine I'll stay... but it's totally dark... Ferb will understand

Phin : Ok follow me (holds her hand)

(They run un-knowingly into the forest)

Phin : I don't think this is the way home

Isa : Me either....(trips over a rock, starts crying)

Phin : What happend

Isa : I tripped over a rock and OW i think my leg is bleeding

Phin : Ok here (tears off a piece of his cape wraps it around her leg)... Can you walk???

Isa : I can try ( stands up then falls down)

Phin : Here(picks her up).... Now witch way home??

Isa : This way..... I think

Phin : Ok

(They find there way to the Flynn-Fletcher residence)

Phin : I'm sorry this Halloween stunk... It was all my fault

Isa : It wasn't that bad Phineas

Phin : We got no candy, We got lost, You can't walk......

Isa : It's ok

Phin : No i promised you the best Halloween ever and i let you down

Isa : No you didn't it was kinda fun.... In a weird way

Phin : You can't even walk.... I feel so bad

Isa : Don't feel bad Phineas (kisses him) ok best Halloween ever

(The end), i know it stunk you don't have to tell me twice i was bored at like 3:30 on Tuesday and started writing... Not my best work i have betters i will put on here don't worry :-)!!!!

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