Phineas and Ferb are sitting under the tree in the backyard. "You know Ferb, I heard that we are getting a new neighbor, and Isabella is going to bring her over. I wonder when," Phineas said. Ferb shrugs. "Hey Phineas," Isabella says. "I brought our new neighbor over. I think you guys are going to get along well... especially Ferb." Ferb doesn't mind and just continues to read his book. "Well here she is. Her name is Lynn, but people call her Lynny." Lynny gasps at Ferb happily. Ferb looks up from his book to find a girl standing there with long green hair, brown eyes, braces, a purple beret, and the same outfit as Ferb, only a skirt and not pants. They stare at each other until Ferb realizes that Phineas is pushing him towrds her. Phineas stops pushing Ferb when he is a yard away from each other. Ferb introduces himself, and so does Phineas.

"Hey Stacy, I'm going to go check what Phineas and Ferb are doing," Candace said. She walks outside and stops in her tracks when she sees Lynny. Candace says, "Who are you and why are you dressing like Ferb?" Lynny says, "Hi I'm Lynny and I think I found my soulmate," and spins around in circles. "What's your name?" Candace says, "I'm Candace," and walks into the house.

"I can't believe we have so much in common! Anyway my friend and little cousin are coming over for the weekend to help me unpack and have some fun. They should be here soon." Lynny said.

"Lynny... Lynny... Lynny where are you?" you hear in the distance. "I'm over here Clara." Lynny said. You see a head peer through the gate. "Oh there you are. Why are you here and who are these people?" Clara asked. "These are my new neighbors Isabella, Ferb, and Phineas. Anyway where is my little cousin Cindy? We're supposed to work on our new clothing line," Lynny said. "I don't know," Clara said. "You have your own clothing line?" Phineas questioned. "Yeah, you guys want to see it?" Lynny asked. "Sure," Isabella answered. Lynny showed them their designs. "Pretty cool huh?" Lynny asked. "Totally," Phineas answered. "You guys want us to make you guys a new outfit, if you want, and you can choose the design," Lynny asked. Clara said, "there are 614 girl designs and 416 boy designs." Then she said sarcastically, "Not that I'm keeping count". "Hmmmm... maybe later," Phineas answered.

(Please don't make any changes or edit, I will get more A.S.A.P.)

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