Phineas, Casey and the gang expands the Beach Boulevard Resort. Doofenshmirtz builds his new Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building and asks Phineas to add it. Janelle has to see a doctor after slipping on a banana peel.

Plot Summary

Casey was in her room thinking of expanding the resort. This gives her an idea! She knocks Phineas' door and asked him to expand the resort. He says " I Know What We're Gonna Do Today!" and called Ferb, and the gang. Monogram tells Doofenshmirtz to build a new Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building and ask Phineas to add it to the resort. He needs Perry and Norm to help him. When the gang are expanding the resort, Candace and her team sees this and tries to help construct it. Jenny accidentally threw a banana peel on the expanded path because she and Vanessa quarrel on who will use the drill. Janelle slips on the peel and was sent to the doctor by Bridget. Phineas incidentally adds the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building to the resort. Dill also participated in the expansion. Buford uses a deluxe drill to drill out nails from the fence for the expansion. When Janelle was cured, she saws the fence when it is drilled out. Then, the expansion was finished and then the gang built more buildings. And now the gang all raised with a high 5 and Casey winks.

Expansion of the Resort

The gang was suggested by Casey and Phineas to expand the resort, when they do, they have near-death experiences.

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