A show on Disney Junior and aired on Disney XD as a cold open for the Joe and Josh Show. In this show Phineas and Ferb are two kids with magical powers who appear to other kids with big dreams. The kid explains what they most want to be, followed by Phineas saying his catchphrase, "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today" then Phineas and Ferb use their magic to make the kids dream come true. Phineas and Ferb guide the kid to teach him/her everything about the occupation they wished for.

Typical story flow


Joe: So there's this guy, named Kevin...

Cut to Kevin. Kevin is upset, his head frowned, outside the aircraft factory.

Joe (continued): ...and he just wants his own chance to witness his Concorde being built.

Josh (interrupting): So you mean he wants to see Concordes being built? Well, I'm not so inclined on those physics-

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