Episode Titles/new songs/new characters:

1."Flashback" You Gotta Admit Summer is here

2."The Secrets are Out"/Vanessa the Teenager

3."iStacy"/Technology & Mother Nature Won/S.T.A.C.Y (Stacy learns that she's a Super Technological Androidic & Ciruited Electronic Yute), Adverditi (only mentioned), a spoofed Cupid (Corina Bucksworth from Mew Mew Power).

4."50 % + 100 %"/I Know I Have An I'Crush & 50 % Robot + 100 % Human/

5."Orphan Shmirts"/Candace the Teenager/

6."I'll Make My Own Band"/Stacey's Story, He's Such A Snob, I Don't Have Rythem,They Snuck Their Ways Into Their Hearts, Music Makes Us Better (female version)/

7."What's The Future Like?"/Our Past Selves & Our Future Selves/Future Phineas, Future Ferb, Future Laurince, Future Betty Jo, Future Clyde, Future Charlenne, Future Norm, Future Reginald, Future Winifred, Future Isabella, Future Jeremy, Future Buford, Future Baljeet, Future Mishti, Fireside Women, Future Stacey, Future Vivian, Future Django, Future Coltrane, Future Jenny, Future Pinky, Future Suzy, Future Roger, Future Irving, Future Vanessa, Julie Flynn, Shanti Patel, & Robin Coiyay

8."I.L.E"/We'll Cause Some I.L.E/

9."T.V Warped"/Butterfly (Phineas & Ferb Version), I Wish (Different Words), Target (Phineas & Ferb version & 1st spot the diff: "T.V Warped 02"), Digimon Adventure 02 ending (Phineas & Ferb version & 1st spot the diff), The Biggest Dreamer (Phineas & Ferb version & 2nd spot the diff: "T.V Tamers", My Tomorow (Phineas & Ferb & 2nd spot the diff), Fire (Phineas & Ferb version & 3rd spot the diff: T.V Frontier), 1st Digimon Savers theme (Phineas & Ferb version & 4th Spot the diff: T.V Savers) & 2nd Digimon Savers Ending (Phineas & Ferb version & 4th Spot the Diff)/Phineas' Digimon (RunnerChibomon-DemiRunnerVeemon-RunnerVeemon-RacerFlamedramon), Ferb's Digimon (SnowballChibomon,DemiSnowballVeemon, SnowstormRaidramon), Irving's Digimon (ShockChibomon-DemiShockVeemon-ShockVeemon-JoltMagnamon), Isabella's Digimon (BlowPururumon,BlowPoromon, BlowHawkmon, BlastHalsemon, Stacey's Digimon (GlowPururumon-GlowPoromon-GlowHawkmon-BrightShurimon), Baljeet's Digimon (ShovelTsubumon-Shovelupamon-ShovelArmadillomon-Digmon), Candace's Digimon (MarrineTsubumon-MarrineUpamon-MarrineArmadillomon-BaracudaSubmarimon), Mishti's Digimon (RustNyaromon-RustSalamon-RustGatomon-ScrapmetalNefertimon) & Bufford's Digimon (GravelPoyomon-GravelTokomon-GravelPatamon-BoulderPegasusmon)

10."What's An Aglet Again?"/A.G.L.E.T (Candace says Aglet this time)

P.S: for each of the songs' musical beats & backgrounds, look for these videos on Youtube: Summer, Perry the Platypus, Mother Nature Won, Phinedroids & Ferbots, Evil Love, Danny's Story, You're Fabulous, I Ain't Got Rythem, Music Makes Us Better, When We Didn't Get Along, My Nemisis, My Ride From Outer Space, Japanese Digimon Adventure theme, 2nd Japanese Digimon Adventure ending, Japanese Digimon Adventure 02 opening, 2nd Japanese Digimon Adventure 02 ending, Japanese Digimon Tamers opening, 2nd Japanese Digimon Tamers ending, Japanese Digimon Frontier Opening, 1st Japanese Digimon Savers Opening, 2nd Japanese Digimon Savers Ending & A.G.L.E.T.

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