Part 4 final!

All of a sudden, the hover car started to shake out of control. Marabella twitch, she knew somthing bad was going to happen. Then she yelled out "Everbody jump on the count of three!" "Why." shouted isabella. "This thing is going to explode!" shouted Marabella. "'One, two, three!!!" they where all falling, then Marabella said while everybody was screaming "bend your knees you wont get hurt, you'll land like a little o'l cat!" So everyone did that and they landed safe and sound.

Wow Marabella, you saved all of us! how did you know the hover car was going to explode; plus how did you know all thoughs tips! Phineas exclaimed. *giggle* Well ya know i study alot and read, plus i can just sense things are going to happen, said Marabella blushing a bit. "That's so cool!" said Phineas. "Study?! Yes! i am not the only nerd any more!" shouted Baljeet, "Yes you are" said Buford Not, are, not! are, not, are, not, are!!! "They both said shouted back and forth at eachother." "Are you coming back tommorow?" said Phineas with hope. "Ok, sure!" said Marabella. Isabella all of a sudden said "Phineas the moon is beautiful, do you wanna dance? Isabella said with her long dress shimmering. "uhh, maybe later," said phineas (not). Isabella frowned, her plan didn't work, but she had somthing planed for the next day...

Marabella waved good bye to them and headed home, the next day is another story...

Well hope you enjoied, the next up coming episode is call "Home sweet home"

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